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Nice to meet you all, I am the proud younger brother of David, I am also his loyal yield and his clumsy and not very talented trainee. It is an honor to be able to make this toast, you can be sure that it is a dream come true for me.


First of all I want to say special thanks to all of you, it is amazing the amount of love that we can feel in this place. People that made a lot of effort just to be here and share this special day with Diana and David. People that traveled from Mexico, from the United States, from El Salvador, from London, from Argentina, from South Korea… All the family truly appreciates it and we will always remember your kindness. 


Growing up with David and being his adventure partner brought me any number of benefits and privileges that I never deserved. He is the secret weapon that I have to  face all the problems that life has given me. When he is by my side, I feel invincible.


Diana, we always knew that not everyone could be worthy of having my brother's heart, we needed someone good, intelligent, with very solid principles and values ​​and  at the same time someone who could understand him and the Bohemian life he has. At the time when it was perhaps more difficult for you guys to meet, your arrival to his life was a blessing. When I got here, I thought that I had to give you some good advices for your marriage with my brother, however, every good advice that I have given in my life, I have previously received from David, so I thought that the best option was to remember the anecdotes of the three most important lessons he gave me and a final promise I would like to make to you


The first lesson began when David was 12 and I was 10 years old. Since I was a kid, my parents instilled in me that I had to be brave. However, the truth is that I didn't quite understand what that meant. In my perspective, David was much braver than me, he didn't cry every day, he ate everything my mom cooked, he got good grades in school, he was skilled in sports... in short, he was everything that I was not and wanted to be. In the summer of 1996 we were playing soccer with boys five or six older than us. While I was afraid of the ball, David was the goalkeeper putting his hand into shots that I would have never dared. In the end one of those shots broke his arm. When we got home, I remember that my mom began to ask how that had happened. David with a smile released a phrase full of innocence, but at the same time wisdom: "But it was not goal" .At that moment I realized that being brave had nothing to do with getting good grades, eating everything and being good at sports, being brave meant facing life's challenges no matter how difficult they may be, always with a smile and a bit of humor.


The next lesson came four or five years later. David and I were not playing tennis together anymore because he was already in high school and I was still in middle school. The situation was a little more complex because the coach who had taught us how to play since we were children no longer worked at the club we attended. For months, I was constantly bullied because of my lack of talent no matter how hard I tried, I was hit with balls daily by guys four or five years older than me. One day during dinner time my mom was frightened when she discovered a blow that I had. She was totally mad and suggested going to go the club and speaking with the coach to stop the situation. I felt alone, defenseless and humiliated, although I didn't want to continue getting hit every day, I also didn't want my mom to go  and complain to the club so that everyone would make fun of me. Without me saying anything, David understood perfectly and only said: “don't worry mom, I’ll take care of it”. The next day he showed up to train with me, despite the fact that we were playing with boys even older than him, he made it very clear that I was not alone, just as they had done with me, as part of the game David took back each of the blows that I had received for months. He had taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life, he had taught me that I could feel safe, he had taught me the value of protecting the family.


The third lesson Diana took place in 2012. Once again I was not in my best version, during my first professional crises, David convinced me to pursue my MBA. The first entry barrier of this objective was to present the GMAT, the exam generally disqualifies all the candidates that are not willing to study for long periods and tolerate a lot of frustration. It is designed to get you out of your comfort zone no matter how smart you are. After six months of constant fight, I presented the test for the second time I scored an above average score. For 99% of the people in my world It was enough, for most of them, including myself, I had reached my full potential. Do you know Diana who was the other 1%? David… He knew that I didn’t feel capable of doing it again, I didn’t have a job, I was frustrated, angry and alone. Just one person in the world could have convinced me to try one more time. Almost three years later during my graduation in Europe, I remember I was grateful not only because David believed in me when I myself doubted, but also because he taught me how to increase my confidence and remove the internal barriers that I had in my mind, he taught me that I was the only one defining my own limits.


It was only two years after that terrible 2012 that, during the 30th birthday of David, that I wrote 30 promises to my older brother. Since then, this little document has guided my life. It is a reflection of my constant wish to be a better brother, someone who is worthy of David. I would like to share with you the promise number 27: “I promise to do whatever it takes to collaborate in the happiness of the person you decide to love”. Diana, I want you to know that I am very proud to give you the official welcome to our family, you will always be able to count on me at any moment you need it y for me it will be a privilege to continue learning from you and the beautiful couple you are.


David, I don’t have anything to tell you, you taught me everything I know and together with my parents, you made me who I am. The only thing I can tell you is that if you go back to the basics and apply the same lessons that you always gave me when we were kids to your marriage you will be fine. Be brave, have a lot of fun, protect each other and never lose faith. You are exactly what the world needs to never lose hope again. 


Thank you!



Good evening, thank you all for being here sharing this special moment with us. I’m Andrea, I’m Diana’s younger sister, and after me our younger brother Erick. It’s an honor for me to be here in front of all of you today, celebrating love and family. 


One of the greatest treasures someone can find in this life is a true friend, people come to the world and have to seek for a best friend. In my case, I was lucky enough that my best friend was waiting for me, she arrived a year earlier. Diana, Erick and I often joke how we were all in heaven as baby angels, and we did a rock-paper-scissors to decide who would come first to earth, and she won. The agreement was she would be first born, but Erick and I would be taller, to keep things even. And since then, we’ve been best friends. Being the older sibling has its perks, you are your parents “first” so there’s always more baby pictures of you, Diana has a lot of pictures, Erick and I have baby pictures, but in all of them Diana is there or I am there too, that also shows how we were never alone. Because that is what Diana has been in our lives, our big sister, our company, always there with the right advice or personalized handmade gift, that warms our hearts. As the bible mentions, she is light that shines in the dark and salt that provides flavor to life. 


Being the first child also implies you have to be pioneer, and this creates a path for the younger siblings to follow. Erick and I were lucky enough to have a great example ahead of us, committed to excellence and brave enough to break some status quo and open new doors for us. But as we grew up, each one of us started following our own paths. When the time came, Diana decided not to pick any of the paths available, but to build one from scratch. She overcame a lot of challenges, put in a lot of effort and collected many achievements. Building a new and unknown path requires a very special person to be able to walk by your side… 


We met David a couple of years ago, we were visiting Princeton and we went for dinner, my first thought was that he was a very charismatic, funny and great person, just like his sister-in-law ;).  But also, it caught my attention while listening to his stories that he built his path from the unknown too. So, today I am very proud and honored to be able to see their relationship evolve, and become loving boyfriend and girlfriend, and today spouses, and respectful colleagues that challenge each other to be their best selves. I am incredibly happy to see my sister and David not only walking side by side, but continuing to build together new paths and adventures. 


I speak in the name of all of us, when I say my wish for your marriage is that love becomes the center of all you do, the truest kind of love that comes from God, the one that will multiply your happiness, and divide your sadness. Please remember, always, that you have all your family praying for your and supporting you in this new amazing adventure that you are writing as co-authors.


Now, please all join me standing up and raising your glasses and let’s toast, for love, family, and specially for Diana and David. 




Now, before we continue with this lovely celebration, my brother Erick and I would like to give Diana and David a gift, something we love very much which is music. We made a musical arrangement of a song we would like to share with all of you. Unfortunately, my brother injured one of his fingers and won’t be able to play with me today. Still, luckily, we have a lot of musicians in the family and today my mom will join me to play for you this song, called Until my last day.




Your place is at my side

Until it’s God’s will

Today they will know how much I love you

When we finally become two


Today I promise you

Eternal love

To be yours forever

Both in good and in bad

Today I’ll show you

How much I love you

Loving you until my last day


I've never been so certain

Of an unconditional love like ours

Looking at you, my love, I swear

To forever cherish what we share


Today I promise you

Eternal love

To be yours forever

Both in good and in bad

Today I will show you

How much I love you

Loving You until my last day


Loving You until my last day…

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